The exterior and interior of commercial buildings are the backbone of businesses. Staying consistent with building preventative maintenance is crucial for the success of any business in a facility. Save money and time with maintenance services for your office building or attract top businesses in your commercial building by working with a facility maintenance company in San Diego. Start improving your office building today and see the many benefits. View below for reasons why you should hire a facility maintenance company for your building in San Diego, California.

Why hire a facility maintenance company for your office building in San Diego?

Taking care of a facility is no small task. That’s why facility maintenance companies are a good partner to have when you own a commercial office building, retail space, campus, warehouse, institution or any other kind of facility. A facilities management company is able to take care of various building management needs. This could be everything from security to management of health and safety, infrastructure, the maintenance and more.


why hire a facility maintenance company for your office building in san diego california

Hiring a facility maintenance company for your office building will give you many money and time saving benefits.


Reduce costs

Lower costs for building maintenance and repair and save money on staffing. Good maintenance and repairs keep tenants happy and preserve the value of your building investment. By hiring a building maintenance company you gain access to both their in-house maintenance staff, as well as their network of licensed, bonded and insured contractors who have already been vetted for good pricing and quality work. This can result into significant savings compared to searching online and hiring a handyman yourself. Not only will a facility maintenance company be able to get volume discounts on the work, they also know the contractors and understand maintenance issues making them capable of supervising the work. A facility maintenance company will provide you with a customized maintenance plan which will ensure no money is being wasted on over staffing for maintenance.

When working with McGrath Property Management, a top San Diego building maintenance company, you get a customized service where you can pick and choose what maintenance services you need. Get exactly what, nothing more and nothing less – thus saving you money by not paying for building maintenance needs that you do not have.


Save time

You will have more time to focus on your business tasks instead of maintenance when you hire a facility maintenance company. Facility maintenance services will address the ongoing issues to keep your property in good order, they are the experts in this particular field. Instead of you being in charge of this, a facility maintenance company will take care of needed building maintenance, both the exterior and interior. If you’re a busy commercial property owner, office owner or landlord, it’s a workable solution to help preserve the top-notch condition of your real estate asset—especially if it’s subjected to heavy foot traffic on a daily basis.

You will also save time by having the facility maintenance company coordinate with all vendors and contractors that need to access the building for routine safety checks (fire, insurance, water, gas & electric, etc.).


Latest technology

To stay competitive, facility maintenance companies are constantly updating their technology to better serve their customers and to better maintain commercial buildings. You’ll ensure your business is utilizing the latest technology in your building to be as efficient and cost effective as possible.

At McGrath Property Management our property management software program allows maintenance requests to be made instantly, with instant updates.


More efficient equipment in your building

Proactive maintenance will keep mechanical and electrical equipment running efficiently in your building. Your commercial HVAC system will greatly benefit from receiving proper maintenance every year. Lack of maintenance accounts for approximately 50% of all HVAC breakdowns. Commercial HVAC systems are often more vulnerable to dirt and extremes of weather. Seasonal upkeep and preventive maintenance help keep complex commercial heating and cooling systems running smoothly.

At McGrath Property Management we create a customized preventative action schedule to ensure proper function and upkeep of all community equipment and features. Budgeting is available to ensure all aesthetic maintenance and equipment is properly planned for in the future.  All your property assets will be documented and accounted for, to ensure maximum efficiency and maximum return in the end.


You don’t have to be a handyman

All building maintenance problems can be solved with one phone call to a facility maintenance company. Facility maintenance companies are experts at repairs and maintenance of properties. They know how to do these things quickly and inexpensively because they do these jobs every single day. Think about your car, you bring it to a mechanic because you don’t need to be the expert when somebody else already is. Working with a San Diego facility maintenance company will allow you to worry about other important aspects of your business. You can rest assured that your commercial building is being maintained by a professional. When choosing a facility maintenance company in San Diego it’s important to select one that documents every hour and dollar. They maintenance tasks done need to be accounted for and this information needs to be available for commercial property owners to view on a monthly basis.


Increase the value of your property

Preventative maintenance is achieved through putting systems in place that catch and deal with maintenance and repair issues early on, before they grow into larger more costly problems. This requires a written maintenance check program, detailed maintenance documentation and regular maintenance visits. A facility maintenance company can also offer you suggestions and feedback on upgrades and modifications, both how they will affect the rent you can charge for your office space or their impact on maintenance and insurance.


Avoid potential legal troubles

Business owners and managers of public facilities have an obligation with various government rules to maintain safe conditions inside and outside of their buildings. When you hire a commercial maintenance company, they will ensure that your building is free from potential threats that might have caused harm to employees or visitors of the building. A commercial facility maintenance company will make sure the building is fully up to code, so you as the owner or manager can focus on your business and not building maintenance management tasks.



Facility Maintenance Company in San Diego, California

Whether you own or manage an office building or your facility is large or small, property maintenance should be considered an integral part of its overall protection and upkeep. Property maintenance service providers will basically act as caretakers and be primarily responsible for fixing damage and replacing equipment, as well as replenishing any supplies necessary for the efficient operation of the property.

When you outsource facility maintenance services to McGrath Property Management you’ll breathe easier and have time for your real job. Our extensive experience providing facilities management services for a variety of commercial businesses has made us a top San Diego facility maintenance company. We have enough deep expertise to self-perform most maintenance services. We handle everything from the parking lot to the rooftop. You’ll have peace of mind knowing every bit of your property is being cared for according to your standards. Contact McGrath Property Management at (619) 992-2853 or use our online contact form for commercial property maintenance services.